Application and Service Back-End Development

We are specialized in the development of high performance and high throughput application and service back-ends. Our heritage lays in web crawler programming. We came over data mining and information retrieval and became eventually experts for the complete back-end. We offer free, open source and closed souce tools and libraries. And we offer consulting services, develoment services and performance tuning services for the Microsoft .NET Framework and Mono.  


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Release of Crawler-Lib Engine 2.2.5367.17954 - Saturday, September 13, 2014
The Crawler-Lib Engine and the Engine Test Helper version 2.2.5367.17954 is released on NuGet and as zipped download. Please update your projects.
NHunspell.1.2.5359.26126 released - Wednesday, September 03, 2014
NHunspell.1.2.5359.26126 is released. A updated NHunspellSamples.1.2.5359.26938 is also available. Please update your projects with the most recent version.
NHunspell is a free and open source spell check, hyphenation and thesaurus library for the Microsoft .NET Framework. Crawler-Lib is the new home for this project. The source-code stays on Sourceforge, but the support comes to us.