Release of Crawler-Lib Engine 2.1.5288.13218

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Crawler-Lib Engine and the Engine Test Helper Version 2.1.5288.13218 is released.

All workflow elements are awaitable and workflow handlers can be programmed using the C# async/await or Visual Basic Async/Await keywords. Two new workflow elements have been added. The Expense workflow element wich is used to propagate operation costs in workflows and the Limit workflow element wich is a gate to limit throughput and paralellism according to certain limits.

A new NuGet package called Crawler-Lib Engine Test Helper is released. It contains helpers for the development of unit tests and integration tests. Mainly it helps with the instantiation of the CrawlerEngine.

These are the NuGet Packages:

The code samples will be updated in the next days, further documentation follows. Please update your projects to use the new features.


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